In this episode of Crypto Untangled podcast, we speak with Daniel, Immersys Founder, about his entry to the NFt world and the spark behind Immersys project launch.

Daniel spoke Immersys metaverse and how he envisions its world in the next few years.

Furthermore, Daniel explained how will his team intend to add new collections, bring in new creators, and support them to set up their artwork within Immersys metaverse. He spoke about Immersys tokenomics and its in-game token Holocoin (HOLX), as well as about land and shop rentals in Immersys metaverse.

He also emphasized that his team will add all interested creators to the metaverse: unlike other projects, Immersys will add every creator/collection that will apply, no matter how small the collection is. So if you are a creator on wax blockchain, you better check this: , as they will do their best to support you and make your experience as simple as setting up a drop.

Finally, as Immersys team prefer feedbacks and word-of-mouth over raising money, they do periodic Beta Key NFT drops to their original Holders/player (a special NFT that allows its holder to login to Immersys game) who are helping them test and shape the game. Worth adding that, to support Crypto Untangled podcast and pixeledfaces NFT collection, Daniel donated a Beta key which will be given away to 1 random holder of pixeledfaces “editionlimit”. This will be randomly selected in the 1st week of July. To check our limited edition (Unique mints) NFT art, follow the link:

To learn more about Immersys, “The WAX NFT Metaverse”, their metaverse, roadmap and whitepaper, please visit their website:


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In this episode of Crypto Untangled podcast, we speak with our guest Big Mike about his early days in crypto, how did he get involved in EOS at pre-genesis, how he met Kurty with whom he founded the Nifty Wizards, parents of the DUST project. 

Mike spoke about DUST magical mining bot, who can be an Operator, DUST token utility and roadmap, as well as its future integration into discord and twitter. Mike further spoke about the ways the team intends to grow DUST token value, and about creating a sustainable ecosystem, knowing that DUST is freely earned.

During the conversation, we learned how to play the Nifty wizards’ game, and ended up the episode announcing the upcoming Nifty wizards weed packs sale and a super exiting new DUST token functionality. 

To know more about MAGIC DUST, of which CryptoNews Lebanon is a member, visit:  

And to learn more about the Wizards, visit 

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Your host,
Dr Bou Dib

In this episode of Crypto Untangled podcast, we discuss with Mr Kyle Stevens, founder of the DedHed project, about his career, how was it developed, and about the project.

Kyle spoke for the first time about his style, by whom he was influenced, his professional goals and what he likes and dislike about his work.

Kyle further commented on the current NFT market and how his series 2 pack sales stood out in an overcrowded marketplace, and revealed some NFT cards from the upcoming and highly anticipated Metal hed Collection.

As for the giveaway of the ULTRA pack to a randomly selected Yasui NFT holder (Yasui is Card #5 in Pixeledfaces collection on wax), the selected number was 7 and corresponds to my wallet. This pack was given away to one of my hard working community members.

To know more about my guest, please visit his website:​

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In this episode of Crypto Untangled podcast, we discuss with Mr Tiago Aleixo, the 27 years old Freelance digital artist about his career, background, and inspirations.

Tiago also speaks about major artists that influenced him, how did he develop his career and shared a piece of advice that we find quite handy and meaningful for everyone. During our conversation, he revealed exclusively to Crypto Untangled podcast about his future plans and projects.

Tiago has been following the work as a digital artist since September 2018 and managed to work with some significant brands like Huion and Pixelsquid. His work is highly recognized by big names and firms such as Adobe.

To support our initiative, Tiago is donating a piece of his work to Crypto Untangled, and those who own an animated Brook NFT from pixeledfaces collection will receive a guaranteed copy.

An animated version will be on sale, wherein 40% of its price will go back to Tiago!

you can find the NFT drop here:

To know more about Tiago, check his: Website: and Instagram :

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In this episode of Crypto Untangled podcast, we discuss with Mr Rahim Mahtab, a Dubai based Photographer, his background, art and blockchain.

Rahim revealed how he developed his career and what he did to stand out in a world overwhelmed with great artwork. Rahim further described what he likes and dislikes about his work, and the role artists have in society.

Before ending, Rahim shared an advice he’s been given, and gave his own to our listeners. 

To know more about our guest, visit his website.

As per Rahim's wish to keep his artwork on Ethereum blockchain via Foundation app, there will be no collaboration drop this week. Instead, I will drop to one of Marwa's limited edition NFT holders, and to one subscriber who like, share and comment his wax wallet in the comment section below, an animated version of Regina's NFT: Regina summer edition NFT from #pixeledfaces! 

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April 23, 2021

Dayak Origins

Tariu, a Young Indonesian artist from the Dayak Tribe joins Dr Bou Dib in this second episode of Crypto Untangled, to discusses his project and to shed light on Dayak Tribe’s culture and art. Tariu added that the team is working to spread knowledge regarding Dayak tribe culture, something that he, a Dayak himself, is still learning and is fascinated by. He further announced their willingness to help other artists in Indonesia to enter the NFT market, and will use the raised funds to help his community.

During this episode, Pixeledfaces collection holders will get a special drop: an original Dayak Origins NFT dropped to Luka’s NFT holders. Furthermore, the unique animated version will be auctioned this Saturday on DUST auction!


You can learn more about the project by following their social media accounts:

Dayak Origins on twitter game:

Dayak Origins Telegram group:

Pixeledfaces Telegram group:


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April 16, 2021

BOXMAZE - Gamers Hype

In this episode of crypto untangled, our guest Mr Johan Beneke, founder of Boxmaze, discusses his project, and shed light on multiple upcoming developments events such as token integration, competitions, winning pools, and in-game NFT use cases. Moreover, he walked us through the game, and talked about the goodie bag sale event, a special NFT that grant its owner free periodic drops. The show ended after Johan run a random number generator, and got #12. Therefore, Mada mint 12 NFT holder that corresponds to the wallet i3ub.wam, will win a unique Boxmaze NFT designed specifically for this event. Congratulation!


Boxmaze goodie bag

Boxmaze game

Telegram group

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Blockchain, this phenomenal technology, can be applied in different aspect of economic, financial and social life; from  international payments, money laundry protections, data privacy & storage, IoT insurance to healthcare, energy, media, identity management and even in gaming industry.

Today, I would like to introduce to you a unique blockchain game, GALA Games. Founded by Eric Schiermeyer, Co-Founder of Zynga and Lead Developer, Michael McCarthy, the Creative Director of Farmville 2, Gala Games is built by the greats of the gaming and blockchain industry to redefine the world of gaming. GALA Games is a revolution in the gaming industry. It aims to create a distributed network of players who own this gaming world. 

To speak more about GALA Platform, game creation & developments and more its uniqueness, I have here with me Jason Brink, a Blockchain Theorist & Ecosystem Expert, the CMO of GALA Games.

Jason speaks up about the innovative idea and principle behind GALA Games, wherein he emphasizes that one of the issues that everyone encounters in the gaming world, is the lack of ownership of assets. For this reason, Gala Games is created with the core principle in finding a way to give full ownership to the users as they strongly believe that the users should own everything that they earn in the game and free to do everything they want with it (e.g. sell, buy, trade etc.). The games produced by Gala will always be free to play, and whatever the users earn inside the game world will be only theirs.

Moreover, Jason together with the entire GALA team are truly the first group to put gaming front-and-center in their development model. GALA Games is made for the masses and their gaming platform is available, fun and easy to use for everyone, including both game and blockchain passionate.

As we speak, some very interesting news and information about GALA Games and features are being announced, so please visit their official website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook @GoGalaGames and don’t miss out any update.

This program is brought to you by CryptoNews Lebanon, a media website aiming to spread knowledge, information and news about all ins & out of crypto market and adaptation of blockchain into the MENA Region. So, if you are interested to hear more about the latest news and current updates, please go to

“If something is important enough, even if the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk

Innovation—any new idea—by definition, will not be accepted at first. It takes repeated attempts, endless demonstrations, monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience.” —Warren Bennis

We have been talking about blockchain, cryptocurrency and their innovative applications and until now we never spoke in detail about them. Yes, we know that blockchain is a digital ledger that stores data. It seems complicated, and it can be, but believe me, its core concept is quite simple. A blockchain is a type of database. And to be able to understand blockchain, you first need to understand what a database is. On the other side, we hear many times about digital currency, cryptocurrency, regulations, CBDC. Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies uses or incorporates blockchain technology to gain decentralization, transparency, and immutability – the 3  core principles of cryptocurrency. I am sure now that many of you driven from curiosity and eagerness to learn, might take a step forward and ask further questions to learn more,  but unfortunately on the other side, many of you might take a step back and do not even try to get to know what I am talking about, for the only reason that it sound complicated! But in the time that we live in, in the era of technology and internet, all your questions can be answered, by simply google it, and in the era of knowledgeable people, of real experts, innovation and simplicity become your best friends.

Innovation comes from saying NO to 1000 things. “- S. Jobs and “will survive only when people believe in their own ideas. “- L. League.

In today’s episode, I have a special guest. A real expert with a deep knowledge in finance, hedge funds, crypto market and blockchain. I have the great pleasure to present you, exclusively from Paris for Crypto Untangled, Imad Warde, the CEO of HedgeGuard. For about 30 minutes, Imad will explain to you the ABC’s of Blockchain and everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency and its implications in the simplest way.

Imad Warde, the CEO of HedgeGuard, explained in a very simple and detailed way the idea behind blockchain, cryptocurrency and their implications in the financial market. Why developed countries are embracing the digital currency and what is the innovative idea behind their creation and system adaptation. Especially, Imad explained the positive effects that the implication of a digital currency could have in countries with financial problems such as Lebanon as a weapon against bribery and corruption.

HedgeGuard is a portfolio management solution designed to help businesses dealing with hedge funds, assets management, family offices and crypto funds. It is the best combination of Portfolio Management System and Middle Office outsourcing Service, designed for traditional, crypto or hybrid funds!

With offices in London, Sydney, Paris and Beirut, the HedgeGuard team works closely with a wide range of hedge funds, asset managers and family offices. They work alongside their clients through the different stages of their growth, providing them with the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

For more details about HedgeGuard, please go to their official website, follow them on Twitter @hedgeguard and on LinkedIn by simply searching HedgeGuard Financial Software.

Crypto Untangled is brought to you by CryptoNews Lebanon, a media website aiming to spread knowledge, information and news about all ins & out of crypto market and adaptation of blockchain into the MENA Region. So, if you are interested to hear more about the latest news and current updates, please go to

Thank you again guys and till the next episode, take good care of yourself, stay positive, embrace knowledge and remember:

“Ultimately, progress and innovation will always win.” - T. Kalanick

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom! – Jim Rohn

In today’s episode, I have a special guest. A Professor in Antitrust Law, an Attorney, a brilliant mind and one of the few professional women out there who has a deep knowledge on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech & Data Privacy Laws. She will give us an insightful overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency regulatory framework and speak about the New enforcement framework, what Crypto Industry might expect under the new Administration, SEC and how USA regulators are embracing the blockchain innovation, DeFi and its regulatory challenges and many other interesting topics. I am very happy to present you, exclusively from Chicago for Crypto Untangled, Adjunct Professor Olta Andoni, Esq.

As an expert, lawyer and educator at heart, Olta thrives to share her knowledge with others. She gives us an interesting overview of the new US regulatory framework and how these enforcement and regulations will affect the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. She advices everyone to embrace knowledge and the innovative spirit of fintech, blockchain and crypto industry as one of the solutions for a better and secure life. Olta sees a growing interest of companies, businesses, start-ups in blockchain adoption. Which is a very good sign that more and more people are understanding the benefits of this advanced space of technology. More banks and financial institutions are focusing into the blockchain and crypto industry, which means that more the governments will try to take control of crypto, which might bring more censorship. At this point, she raises a concern and advices that in order to allow this industry to advance and flourish, government and banks should balance their control and find a middle way. For more updates on blockchain & cryptocurrency regulations as well as information on Fintech, IP, data privacy, financial market and other legal content, follow Olta on Twitter @AndoniOlta and on LinkedIn Olta Andoni, Esq.

This program is brought to you by CryptoNews Lebanon, a media website aiming to spread knowledge, information and news about all ins & out of crypto market and adaptation of blockchain into the MENA Region & Worldwide. So, if you are interested to hear more about the latest news and current updates, please go to

Do not wait: the time will never be 'just right'. Start where you stand and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along". ― Napoleon Hill

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