October 13, 2020

NiMEDix - Africa’s 1st Decentralized Healthcare Ecosystem

Health is the greatest gift in life” – Budha and "It is not valued till sickness comes” – Thomas Fuller.

In today’s episode, I am very happy to introduce you a very promising, novel and lifechanging project; I present you NiMEDix. NiMEDix Ecosystem is Africa's 1st decentralized digital healthcare platform that leverages the Blockchain Technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to revolutionize access to quality healthcare services in low income settings by unveiling the core value proposition of Blockchain and AI implementation in an era of inevitable union of biology and technology. NiMEDix Ecosystem Technology Services is a Nigerian based blockchain/AI company focused on bridging the gap in remittances, promoting collaboration and partnerships, diversification of healthcare funding and creating access to healthcare services.

To speak more about NiMEDix Ecosystem, its story, ideas development, goal achievements and implementation of AI & Blockchain in creating a sustainable healthcare system and bring medicine to another level, exclusively from Nigeria for Crypto Untangled, I have here with me a brilliant, smart and altruistic person. Someone who always put the health and need of people first, I present you the Founder & CEO of NiMEDix, Dr. Ochoche D. Ubenyi.

For more information about NiMEDix, its novelty, features & solutions, NIM token, partnerships and future developments, please go to nimedix.io, follow them on Telegram @NiMEDix_ecosystem and on Facebook @nimedix.

Read carefully, do your own research, think wisely and make the right decision for your investment!

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“It is Health that is real Wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” – Mahatma Gandhi, so please, embrace your life and take good care of it!

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